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Reasons Why Nigerian Men cheat??

Let’s talk about cheating , When is it called cheating; • one time sex, • an emotional connection, • or many time sex??? In any of the cases , why do people cheat??. What would make you resign your fate to living with a cheating partner, whom you’re aware of …

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  Hey, so for a while now my mind  has been busy and my timeline too. If you followed this link from my Facebook page, here a few things I would like you know about me: 1. FEMINISM; I honestly do not know if I’m a fensisnt or not, going …

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Modern Technology Is Evil

On a fateful morning, I woke up to go and buy drugs for my eye, I had developed a stye on my right eye. On my way to the pharmacy shop, while I covered my eyes with a big sunshade I noticed another shop that had beautiful sets of BRA, …

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How Marriage Turned To Hustle In Nigeria

  So it’s no longer enough that men marry abroad and come home to get another wife, who may or may not be aware of the Yankee wife, who is usually the financial backbone of the family, thus Naija wife keeps “kwayet” ????? They now brought the thing home, guys now …

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Happy new year

Happy new year fam! We’ve successfully crossed over to the new year of #2018 . We’re grateful and thankful as we look forward to great year. While we are at it, let’s remember those who are mourning, those in the hospital and those who aren’t exactly excited or healthy! Let’s …

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