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Reasons Why Nigerian Men cheat??

Let’s talk about cheating ,

When is it called cheating;

• one time sex,

• an emotional connection,

• or many time sex???

In any of the cases , why do people cheat??.

What would make you resign your fate to living with a cheating partner, whom you’re aware of his/her unfaithfulness ??

How much money is enough to shut your eyes and ears to all if it??

How much buttocks, abs, boobs, egg plant and money is enough for you to share your self between your spouse and other person or persons??

They say men are naturally wired to cheat

A friend of mine called me a Feminist, and added that we ‘Feminists’ are liable to hellfire, because we don’t follow the instructions and teachings of the bible

When I asked for equal treatment to be meted out on male and female cheaters in every relationship, I was told that men are naturally wired to cheat, hence should be left alone or even prayed for to change but if not, they’re exhibiting their nature!

But women??…nah!

In my head, I couldnt wrap my head around it nor accept this.

My theory is simple, shebi cheating is wrong??

Then don’t do it, whether male or female, whether wired or corded or roped , so long it’s wrong, desist from it!

But I was told that it doesn’t work that way!

I’m sure you already know this and have heard it too!

Now here is my narrative and question, consider this scenario:

“If on a certain day, Mr Nwokeike bids his family farewell, tells them he’s on his way to Abuja for that meeting, but heads instead to Bolingo Hotel, Owani with his side peice ‘Akwanwa’

Then on same day, Mrs Agbalanwanyi bids her family farewell, tells them she’s off to Cotonou for her business, but heads instead to Bolingo Hotel, Owani with her ‘Asanwoke’

Unfortunately, whatever they took was taken in excess and they both died in action. 😲😯😯

When they get to Heaven’s court, would God look at Mrs Agbalanwanyi and say ‘depart from here, you daughter of Jezebel and descendant of Eve, for you have committed an atrocious sin, so atrocious that you shall be put in the VIP lounge of hell, where its furnace is reinforced every second and burns 10x more than the immediate lounge.

Mrs Agbalanwanyi would beg, ‘my Lord, please , I’m sorry, I was seduced by asanwoke, he was everything my husband wasn’t, emotionally and otherwise, my vagina was also suffering from depression but he came and rescued it from suicide ‘ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Would God say ‘didn’t you know that you are a woman and shouldn’t be philandering, why didn’t you hold body ! Your mother eve, would be ashamed of you! LUCIFER, come and carry her!!! 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

Then He would turn to Nwokeike and say, ‘nawa to you my guy, you sef no dey take things easy at all!

How many babes you get sef??

My guy, na you carry cup this season ooh! You dey fire on wella, doing your natural job at it’s best.

But I been dey warn you, make you sofri dey take that your concortion, but you no gree, you think say Obi still be boy! 😉😉😉


Nwokeike will say, My lord, ‘Nwokeike’ no be guy name, you know every every na!’😋😋

So as I don reach here, wetin be the way forward

God will ask ‘ you still wan go back, abi you wan stay back??

Infact, go back, go and continue your assigned job, the one you were wired to do. But just take it easy with them concortion.


When you reach, greet my guys them, una dey try, but sofri for those stiffs una dey take. Oya, disappear from here! 😁😁😁😁


Do you think…this is how it would play out???

As for me, I don’t know!

But you should use your wiring mind and figure it out and while you are it…revise your ten commandments



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