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Meet Zion Clark, a Wrestler and Wheelchair Racer that has no legs

 Meet Zion Clark, a wrestler and wheelchair racer who has no legs. He was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome – a disorder which left him without legs, but he never let anything hold him back. “I don’t believe in excuses, there is no excuse to do anything good or bad,” he says.

“I believe we do what we want to do, & instead of making excuses for it, I focus on correcting bad decisions & building on the good ones. For instance, there are some advantages to having no legs in #wrestling, it makes wrestling unique for opponents against me, & there is usually no experience to draw back upon for them to game-plan against me. There are some leverage advantages as well, people gain leverage on you through the legs but they can’t do that to me, I don’t see many disadvantages at all.”

Zion began wrestling at the age of 8. He admitted to not taking wrestling seriously early-on. He just thought it was fun & it stayed that way until his freshman year in college. “My freshman & sophomore years were eye openers, I didn’t win a single match,” he said. “Then I decided I wanted to do this serious, & began training all day, everyday.

That hard work led to a .500 record as a junior, & a 6-0 start his senior season. He miraculously won a sectional #championship his senior year in sudden-death, which came after 4 overtimes. “I was so tired I didn’t know where the energy came from, but I remember the crowd going wild.

Wrestling isn’t only where Zion excels. He’s also one of the fastest wheel chair racers. He can achieve speeds of up to 20 miles / hour on the track. He was #Ohio’s fastest racer in 2016. He’s ranks 39th in the world & he continues to train in hopes of making Team #USA & qualifying to compete in the 2020 #Paralympics in #Tokyo. “I just want to win, I don’t even consider the alternative,” Clark said. “He’s just a great guy, I haven’t met anyone with a negative word to say about Zion,” said Kent State Tuscarawas head wrestling coach Dave Schlarb. “He is always smiling, I’ve never seen him sad.

Clark’s tremendous work ethic and drive have no boundaries. Nor does his ability to inspire others.


• Story via @miraclesandmesses

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