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Hey, so for a while now my mind  has been busy and my timeline too. If you followed this link from my Facebook page, here a few things I would like you know about me:

1. FEMINISM; I honestly do not know if I’m a fensisnt or not, going by the Nigerian ideology, because lately any idea raised by anyone whether male or female that is different from the ‘normal’ ideology being carried on in the society, people around scream ‘ehe, feminist arise’ ‘daughters of Adichie ‘ and so on. That cant be feminism right???

Again, I personally seek for equity among both genders and always cite that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander, whether you’re male or female.  I don’t accept treating people on some certain kind of way because of gender differentiation or presence of biological features. So does this makes me one?? You be the judge!


2.  FREE THINKING: I believe man (both male and female) is a thinking being and intelligent too. So I encourage people to be creative with their thoughts as long as it’s harmless to them and others.

Jeez it’s a long trip…can you check backbone a few minutes….my whole body aches..i will come back and finish this and hope it inspires you in a way

3. PRIVACY: You already know how much I keep personal stuffs private…hey I’m a blogger and I blog not necessarily for entertainment but for improvement and change of behaviour. So that’s why my posts are fused with a little of entertainment, humour and deep stuffs.

So that being said, I would love y’all to be diplomatic with things I post or write, don’t read then for reading sakes, read them and try to decipher the nessage being passed along, I belief you are all intelligent and I do love some intelligent conversations and arguments. So when you Read, come with your thinking cap… and let’s play some mind games and learn too and be happy

Now going a bit personal with the latest events, babes and boys

I love to have babies….who knows, I might even be pregnant as I’m writing this. So don’t take those things personal, when I’m writing a personal account (which is rare) I will let you know.



Told you I’m tired. Will be back soon. 😙😙😙

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