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Re-Branding Notabella Blog

Due to re-branding,growth seeking and a lot of positive changes, Notabella Blog wishes to announce to you all that it would henceforth become a full time story telling and sharing site, curating stories from across the globe. It wouldn’t just be featuring celebrities’ stories but yours and mine as well. We all are celebrities in our own way and deserves to be heard, and that’s what Notabella is here for; for your information, enlightenment, entertainment and inspiration.

To that effect, we’ve been collecting and still collecting stories from individuals who are willing to share under these different categories;
First experience;Labor, Sex, In Yankee, etc
Going through /Recovering from a life threatening illness
Face to face with near death experience
Endangered Relationships; Cheating spouses, dealing with domestic violence etc
Arranged marriage; surviving or escaping it
And other interesting segments we can’t share now, but would be updated as time goes on.

Coming up soon, is a series of FIRST TIME Labor Experience, shared by new moms from across the globe. You might want to read their story to know how it goes down for our super moms! Stay tuned.

PS; You can send in your stories at [email protected] or via messenger. Your ID is anonymous, as always.
Your story may inspire someone and put a person(s) out of his/her misery.
Have you read ‘MY BRA STORY’ yet?? It’s hilarious as usual. Read in first comment.


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