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Modern Technology Is Evil

On a fateful morning, I woke up to go and buy drugs for my eye, I had developed a stye on my right eye. On my way to the pharmacy shop, while I covered my eyes with a big sunshade I noticed another shop that had beautiful sets of BRA, they were all colorful and beautiful, even my stye could not hold me back from sighting such beauties.

I quickly walked in and promised myself that I would just get two, since I was low on cash and generally broke, plus I hadn’t planned on buying bras anytime soon. I, my stye and sunglasses walked in, sat down, as we were welcomed graciously. What they had inside was way more beautiful than what I had seen, omg! I started collecting bras, both over sized and undersized (hoping to gift my sisters).

At that point, all I imagined, was myself as a Victoria Secret model flaunting those beautiful piece of little materials. The lady selling them wasn’t even helping issues, as she kept encouraging me, bringing out more sexy bras and before I could say JA-! I had selected over 20 bras, and after asking God for his directions and all the saints in heaven for the spirit of contentment and dislike for worldly things like Bra, I arrived at 11 bras.

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At that point, I was in the money-no-be-problem cloud 9, I wasn’t sure I could live a day longer without those bras, despite my prayers, I asked if they had POS, ‘of course, they answered’ , I keyed in my pins, but they had network issues or so, but this devil wasn’t with done with me, I asked if I could transfer, ‘Yes, nwa’ they answered. ‘Pinkom, Pinkom‘, I keyed in the necessary data and off the money flew, then I got the ever gallant, e-no-dey-delay ‘Debit Alert’ and we all smiled. Now I was carrying something that looked like a Ghana must go bag, containing BRAS still looking for pharmacy to get my eye drugs.

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How the bras laid on my bed, with all of us staring at each other

When I got home, I laid on my new bras, wondering how I arrived there, while staring at how much I spent on BRAS,can’t even mention it, because it’s unbelievable, even to me. Had this evil thing called Modern Technology not been here, I would have bought just one or two, or none at all, maybe just admired them, highest in few hours time, I would have forgotten all about them….but No, just like it’s senior brother,it came to steal, rip and bankrupt me. You would never know how much you’re spending when you’re cashless or holding that thin card called ATM, you will be feeling and acting like ‘EKWUEME, e-Money 1’ of your village, until you reach house!

So, my dears me and my new bale of Bras won’t go unnoticed. Don’t be shocked when you see me step out like this, because those Bras are finer than actual clothes. I’ma play a Lady Gaga on y’all!

Image result for lady wearing just BraImage result for lady wearing just BraImage result for lady wearing just Bra

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