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How Marriage Turned To Hustle In Nigeria


So it’s no longer enough that men marry abroad and come home to get another wife, who may or may not be aware of the Yankee wife, who is usually the financial backbone of the family, thus Naija wife keeps “kwayet” ?????

They now brought the thing home, guys now marry wives in Enugu and go to Lagos or Abuja to marry another richer woman and call it ‘hustling’. 
Really??? ??, ngwa nu clap for ya selves.

For those of you who meet on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or rumors club Ikeja, and get married sharply, standing side by side with your hubby and just his ‘home boys’ and slay queens at Ikoyi registry and Landmark event Centre, listen up!
Be very very careful, cos that your ‘boo boo’, maybe Papa Chinedu living down my street in Achara layout. ???????
Street is now extra military, Marriage has turned hustle too . ??

Stay woke sisters !!!

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