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Nigerian Lady Calls For The Celebration Of A ‘Worthy Police Officer’ In Enugu.

A Nigerian Facebook user, Ms Olivia Chinelo has called for the celebration of a Nigerian Police Officer Mr Peter Eze, whom according to her is a ‘worthy one’ as she also prayed for other police officers in the country.

Sharing this on her facebook wall, she wrote;

This is MR Peter Eze…. A worthy policeman. I call him (white)
Although we are in a country where appreciations for good works are rare ,I hope and pray that he get rewarded some day

This young man is simply outstanding…. If you stay in  Enugu…. You will certainly know him….he is well known to d extent that no driver messes with him,
Dedicated and diligent to his duty!
Cheerful  on duty!
A police man, in whom i am well pleased that police is indeed a friend
He doesn’t collect shishi, like other police men!
Even if na for appreciation he will say “no thanks, “

The way and manner he controls and handles traffic at “Liberty Junction” is simply amazing!!!

The only place I’ve seen a police man similarly dedicated to his duty is at gariki in Abuja’
He dances while commanding traffic and almost every body enjoys his break dance, u would even forget u are sweating while watching his dance steps , some ppl in ABJ  must av met him too though i don’t knw his name but God will bless him too.

To those too aforementioned good police men …keep up d good work
To those aspiring to b be a police ….learn from them, do good.
To all of us give in ur best in the good u do,it pay trust me….

If uve witnessed this
Just comment  …No b lie

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