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Side Chics Take Note; Features Of Nigerian Married Men

This is a very short and specific list of typical features of Nigerian married men. If you’re a lady who doesn’t like to date married men but somehow these men keep coming to you and you keep falling for them and eventually gets heartbroken you realize the bae is married and yet you don’t know how to spot them and know he’s married, you may want to screen grab the list below.

  1. He Drives Sienna; If you meet a man that owns and/or  drives Sienna, he is married. No single guy drives Sienna. I’m sure you already know what the Sienna is for *use ya brain*
  2. He Wears Lace A Lot; What single guy wears Lace like almost every time?? None. So if your next guy is  a lace rocker, chances are that he is ‘Somto’s Dad or Tolu’s Papa’

Be smart out there!


List according to a commenter on NSG.

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