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After I Lost My Virginity…How I Felt

Wow, that was such a feeling! Let me take you from the beginning. Growing up I had adequate if not excessive knowledge about the boy girl relationship, that was because I grew up in the midst of boys, older and younger ones alike. My second older brother was the Wikipedia …

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Nigerian Feminists Vs Single Ladies

Happy Sunday to all my sisters believing God for a life partner??,Nigerian feminists you can wish yourselves same, since you don’t need partners ???????? Meanwhile, hope y’all know you can’t be believing and praying for a responsible partner while you are still accepting requests from and chatting with boys whose …

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Diary Of An Average Nigerian Girl; How Men Harass Us In Markets

Ladies , men you can join as well, lets  talk about the unnecessary harassment and unwanted touching in Big Nigerian Markets .What do you think about it, Have you experienced it and how did/do you handle it.  Ladies, in an article ‘Average Nigerian  Girl has touched/collected over a hundred Penis …

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Never Underestimate Okrika Wears

Remember I told you about my trip to the market on Monday (read HERE). I actually went there as per request by a very old customer, who has been calling and asking I should come and see his new shop and of course buy from him, also, I went so …

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Reasons Why Nigerian Women Fake Orgasm

Hey dear, this article is a transcript from my last vlog on Facebook, where I talked about ‘Reasons Why We Women Fake Orgasms’ (If you missed, watch below). As I promised, hopefully from henceforth there would be transcripts of vlog series here. So you can catch up on any point …

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Nigerian Christians Be Deceiving Themselves

This gist below which real by the way, is a sequel to one of my previous vlogs ‘Typical features of Nigerian Christians’  (If you missed, watch HERE, it’s a must see)  Over the weekend I traveled to Anambra state and earlier today I went to Onitsha main market to get …

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