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How Marriage Turned To Hustle In Nigeria

  So it’s no longer enough that men marry abroad and come home to get another wife, who may or may not be aware of the Yankee wife, who is usually the financial backbone of the family, thus Naija wife keeps “kwayet” ????? They now brought the thing home, guys now …

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Video; Get To Know Me Tag

I’m sure if you were given a sheet ? to write a list of things you know about me, you would write a lot based on what I write and share online, and most recently, you would even add that ‘Vera hasn’t been to a bridal shower before’ (*me bowing ? my head and …

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Two Types Of ENUGU Slay Queens

Slay queens or slay mama’s are no longer new terms on social media, thus I’m not going to explain it’s meaning. Although a lot of people have tried explaining it based in their school of thoughts, some said they’re fashionistas , some said they’re brilliant girls whereas other said they’re …

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Never Underestimate Okrika Wears

Remember I told you about my trip to the market on Monday (read HERE). I actually went there as per request by a very old customer, who has been calling and asking I should come and see his new shop and of course buy from him, also, I went so …

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