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Can Prayers Change A Cheating Partner

I met a woman who was deeply hurting over her man’s incessant cheating escapades.  You could really tell from her eyes that she’s hurt. But she’s optimistic.   She told me she’s been praying for him and soonest he would change and drop his old ways! She went on telling …

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BDSM ; Facts about it, how it’s played and its rules

BDSM is a fetish involving the following practices and rules. B- Bondage ; tying up/restraining your partner D-  Dominance/Discipline; being in control or using a specific sexual act as a firm of ‘punishment’ S- Sadism/Submissive; beingcontrolled or getting sexual pleasure from inflicted pain, suffering humiliation from someone M- Masochism; getting …

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Pygophilia : The Fetish and Sexual Fantasy For Buttocks

Pygophilia is a fetish involving sexual attraction to buttocks whereby one becomes sexually aroused after seeing or touching another person’s buttocks. It also refers to sexual urges or fantasies involving another person’s buttocks. Essentially, the bum become the primary focus of sexual attention.   Pygophiles, or pygophilists as they are …

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