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I Cannot Be Jealous Again

Depression comes in a lot of forms, but basically as a feeling of inadequacy, low self esteem and the idea of ‘my own worst pass’. Few minutes ago, I came across an old classmate’s photo online. She’s traveled out of the country and pursuing a post graduate certificate in a …

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How my step father raped and abused me

#MustRead: Hello my name is Serrica & I’m a sexual abuse & rape survivor. I was abused by a man who was supposed to be a father figure in my life. I met the monster when I was 5 years old; he was my step father. From the onset, he …

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Woman Calls For Dignity For Sex Workers

This call was made on International Whores’ Day. Read the rest of the entry below . “It’s International Whores’ Day today. It’s about reclaiming the word. ‘Whore’ is a hateful word. There’s so much stigma in that word. It can be used against any woman that you want to hurt. …

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