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Can Prayers Change A Cheating Partner

I met a woman who was deeply hurting over her man’s incessant cheating escapades.  You could really tell from her eyes that she’s hurt. But she’s optimistic.


She told me she’s been praying for him and soonest he would change and drop his old ways! She went on telling me how God works in mysterious ways and if he could do all that was recorded in the bible,  what then is her husband’s communal penis that it can’t be converted to a private part once again!


I really loved her optimism but deep within me, I had my doubts and fears. So I couldn’t agree more nor less with her .


I have seen similar men and women like her, who had hopes and prayed until their knees went dark, yet their partners went on with their sexcapades, conquering more men and women as they went about . Take Toke Makinwa for instance,  in her book #onbecoming she wrote about how she prayed for her man, did things she was told to do and more, yet, he went about philandering!

The bulk of this prayer and endurance scheme is more on women,  because she’s the home keeper and builder  hence it’s her job to go on her knees,  bend her back in endurance that her man would one day change. Most men rarely get to do this nor continue to cohabit a glaring serial cheater. It’s rare!


I have seen similar men and women testify that their prayers have been answered only when the cheater had been involved in a tragic accident that rendered him/her incapable of continuing his act.  It could be loss of money or physical accident. Their praying partners attribute this tragedy to divine intervention. Really??


I have seen cheating partners decide on their own to quit cheating and become loyal, irrespective of their partner’s action and inaction. They just change!


This leads me to ask,  do you believe that prayers can change a cheating partner?

Have you witnessed it, seen it or do you just believe it.

Share your Comments on it. You can send in a relevant  story about it.  Your story maybe the inspiration needed by someone out there!

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