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How Masturbation Almost Ruined My Marriage

I met my husband in the most unconventional manner.


I met him while I was an undergraduate student at the college of medicine. I had hit his car during my driving lesson tutorials. My teacher had asked me for the first time to drive alone while he waited for me around the corner of a lonely street. He believed I had learnt how to drive and he trusted me. He wasn’t wrong, I had really learnt how to drive. Before that fateful day, he only watched me from the passenger’s side of the car and offered little or no corrections.I would drive us through busy roads and back to his school, where I would hand his key over to him and head back to my off campus apartment. Today, he wanted to promote me, by letting me drive alone and If I passed without any incident, he was going to tell my dad that I was good and my dad would release my 20th birthday gift- a 2010 Lexus car.

I was driving right until I drove by a young girl that looked almost my age driving with just one hand and making rapping signs with the other right hand. Goddamit,  I think I can do this, if she could. After all, you never know what you can do, if you don’t try it, right- I thought to myself .


Next thing I heard was a loud bang.  I had hit a car packed by the road side. The owner who was sitted inside answering a phone call climbed out and I was sweating and shivering at same time . The young man saw that I was still learning and very remorseful asked me to go and drive more carefully. I offered to take him out for lunch to show how sorry I was. He agreed and that was the beginning of our whirlwind romance.


We dated for 3years before he proposed to me. Our wedding headlined major gossip blogs and magazines. It was ‘lit’.


Three days after our wedding, we flew out of the country for our honeymoon and then my nightmare began.

Jidennna and I were the most transparent couple you would ever meet. We knew each other so well that it felt like we were the same person. We completed each other’s sentences, passwords were the least of our worries. We were the ‘it’ couple.  The picture perfect couple that social media enthusiasts describe as #couplegoals. Friends prayed to be half as happy and cool as we were.

During our honey moon, My darling husband started to sneak around, hiding in corners to make phone calls. To make matters worse, I found a burner phone in his suitcase. I was livid but mostly torn.


I finally confronted him, and he came up with a thousand and one excuses to cover his track, but I saw right true the lies. Why did he wait this long to show his true colours? Why did he marry me if he knew he was going to be this person?


Prayers were my last resort at this point. My grandma’s advice came rushing like a flood to me. She said whenever I was in doubt about my marriage, I should pray.  I was scared he was cheating. I was Imagining a lot of crazy thing. Was there a low life girl sending him nudes? why on earth does he have a burner phone? May be he sexts girls on it or masturbates to their voice while hiding in the bathroom.


Our honeymoon was a blur and when we finally made it home, it became even worse. He spent more hours in the bathroom murmuring to whoever it was he keeps talking to. Our sex life was non-existent, I was tempted to masturbate I almost succumbed but quickly remembered I was on a fast to save my marriage. I was hurting and horny, he had starved me for so long.  It felt like an eternity because we were like rabbits, always making love. I was convinced he was cheating because my Jidenna never went more than two days without sex with me unless I was having my monthly visitor, not like he didn’t try even on those red days. He wanted me with my hair unkept, wearing torn shorts and T-shirts that should be rags, but with my lace lingerie and sexy perfumes he wouldn’t touch me with a pole.


When I could no longer pray and cry because he wasn’t changing and the fasts were drying me. I didn’t want anyone guessing I was unhappy from the way I looked so I walked up to him and told him I was leaving him. He said I should do as I please but should give him 2 hours to sort me.

What on earth does that mean? I fumed angrily, pacing up and down the house asking my self if I was stupid for not leaving. I was just curious as to why he asked me to wait two hours. I was fuming, thinking of the best knife in my kitchen in case I needed it to defend myself if the the need came up.


An hour thirty minutes later, he asked me to follow him out for the last time and after then I can do I can go my merry way.

I eyed him and drove behind him because I didn’t trust him enough to ride in the same car with him. Maybe he wanted to finally kill me so that his burner phone girlfriend could wear the most beautiful black lace dress with a royal hat to my funeral then have him tear it off her while maggots feasted on me. It wasn’t my portion. I tried calling my best friend Anne to tell her about it just in case he actually had ulterior motives but she wasn’t picking. So much for emergency contact.


We drove to the upscale part of town and I was a bit relaxed. At least he won’t try to kill me around here, it would be too dangerous. We pulled up to a new building with the sign posts still covered. As soon as I parked he came to my side and walked me into the building. I was almost went deaf thanks to the thunderous shouts of ‘Surpriseeeeee! From my family and friends. My mother and Anne high-fived each other as my jaw dropped to the ground.


Jidenna Okoye, my husband built me a clinic and chose the most insane way to gift it to me. I was overwhelmed


‘’Why did do you this to me, nna m?”, I asked him after what seemed like the 4th round of passionate love making later that night.

“You know I’m full of surprises, asa m, I just figured a way to add more drama to it” he said

“You’re so silly”

“So, when are you leaving, should I drop you off or do you think your legs are strong enough to drive because they were vibrating so bad” he teased me as he buried his head in my almost abandoned lady part. He should have told me, at least I would have done a little landscaping.


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