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Reason Notabella Blog Would Return And Seriously Continue Writing Sex Articles



In Africa, In Nigeria a lot of things boil down to spirituality!

The story you are about to read now is the reason I need to continue my SexEd posts and more erotica if need be.

Only if a handful of these people read it and understood,  they would not be disturbing Jesus right now!

I read an article about a Nigerian student that was arrested and being charged to court for stealing female panties to sniff them!

Whether or not, is true is entirely his business, but my business is what a lot of people wrote in reaction to this act.

Most of them said he has Spiritual problem and needs a strong deliverance,  stating that such act is devilish and shouldn’t be let to linger on! 

They went ahead to spill the blood of Jesus on him via their phones and kept shouting Jesus! Jesus!! They called on God to destroy the world already, because this is the height of abomination they can witness!

Others said he’s ritualistic, collecting panties for diabolic purposes,  because there’s nothing like sniffing panties. Like what on earth is that ?? How can a full grown man sniff another person’s panties, they asked in anger and disbelief of his claims.

Another aunty that seemed unique from the first line of her comment, ended up killing me more than the rest , said he’s suffering from a mental disorder known as Fetishism and he needs help asap to get cured !


When has one having a fetish become a mental disorder that needs cure??


Don’t raise your brows at me again if you ever read any sexual article from me , because I’m returning back to it and reviewing my archives. It’s one thing not to know something and another to misinterpret it with pride!


I read somewhere too, of a woman complaining of her husband’s sexual preference. From what I read, he’s into BDSM, and when someone took her time to respond that he’s into BDSM and explained it, the poster and  a lot of women came out en masse to curse this lady, saying it’s unafrican,  unspiritual and devilish,  that it’s her own husband that’s into BDSM, what nonsense!

Nsogbu uwa!

I bet she wanted to hear, bring him to our church, let’s do 40 days fasting and after that he must stick to missionary.  Brethren praise the lord!


Pls do not attribute everything and anything to spirituality. Some occurrences such as fetishism, and others are as simple and normal as monthly period, but because we don’t talk about them it all seems strange and when one perosn out of a thousand others speaks up, he/she becomes an osu and is taken to a fire for fire deliverance.

Let God rest abeg!


For more insights about pant sniffing fetish,  it’s a thing, read it  Here

YOU can read other related fetishes from there, as well, as related posts!

You’re welcome!

And while you’re cursing the poor boy for his fetish,  ignoring or pretending like you don’t have no fetish of your own,  there are young people making money online for wearing and selling pants. But it can’t thrive in Nigeria because we’re too jazzy and spirikoko!

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