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Women Would No Longer Need Men To Have Babies Within Two Decades

Dear Male folk, you are gradually and slowly becoming endangered species on the face of earth. It’s a slow and steady move and I hate to be the bearer of such news!

According to a fertility expert, women will be able to have babies WITHOUT males within two decades

Dr David Molloy said pregnancies will no longer need the input of males in the future thanks to the advancements in fertility technology.

Baby mice were recently born to two mothers in China, and Dr Molloy noted he does not see why the same feat cannot be achieved in human reproduction.

Dr Molloy said ‘scientific successes will continue to happen, and they cannot be stopped.’ ‘It would mean that heterosexual couples where the man has low-quality sperm, and women couples, can have their own genetic child,’ Dr Molloy told the publication. ‘I think it will be possible to fertilise an egg with a set of half chromosomes and targeted gene editing.’ Twenty-nine healthy mice were created by scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences using DNA taken from two mouse eggs – without sperm from a father.

The young pups grew into healthy adults and even had healthy children of their own.


Scientists said the technique could one day create humans whose biological parents are two women, or two men.

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