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My One Night Stand Experience

 This is the most awkward one night stand experience you would read or hear anywhere.
On a fateful late evening after I had closed from work, the sky was somewhat cloudy, it seemed like there would be a heavy downpour soonest or later at night. I was bothered because I so much dread rain or being beaten by it, so I hurried to the bus stop with the hope of a catching a ride ASAP, but it seemed everyone in town dread rain as much I do, because there were no empty vehicles in sight, the few ones that had few seats and gang ways unoccupied was being struggled for. I didn’t struggle for any of them because of my bitter experience the last time I attempted struggling for a bus, I was robbed to nothing, not even my Tfare was left for me, then it dawned on me that most people clamoring to enter buses weren’t real passengers but petty thieves,who picked people’s belonging while they focused on getting in, so I kept my cool and stood by.
Minutes grew into hours and no empty vehicle was going my way, I was almost succumbing to the urge to struggle for the next available vehicle that comes by. My hopes were faint, as it’s been over 15 minutes since the last bus passed,  when a car pulled up in front of me and asked if I was going his way.  I managed to smile and asked which way he was headed, he told me, I told him it wasn’t my route, he said he could drop me off and go home, I agreed! My feet was hurting badly.I hopped into the car, on our way home, we got into a serious traffic gridlock that wasn’t even moving, so I asked  to alight there and find my way home and stop wasting his fuel, but he refused and insisted that we go to a nearby bar, wait out the traffic until it clears, moreover it’s weekend, it’s no biggie, he said.  I agreed, and he managed to reverse in the traffic and we went to a lounge .
At the lounge,  I called my room mate to inquire if she’s home and the situation at home. Babe told me she got home earlier, realizing our street transformer had blown up as usual, she packed and left for the weekend knowing that the transformer won’t be repaired until Monday, wow!
Somehow I felt relaxed, I and the guy, who introduced himself as Kelvin, got talking. We talked like we knew all the way back, he’s an interesting guy, I must say. We shared a lot of life experiences and more. When it seemed we have had our fill, he asked if he could drop me home, I declined, asking if there were anywhere else he needed to go since my roomie isn’t around and no light, I needed to get home later and just sleep off until morning.
He asked if we could go clubbing, with all pleasure sir, I replied, but we would stop over at his home so he would drop off some very vital work documents and change into something less formal. We got to his home which was quite beautiful, I stood there admiring the interiors and his bar, which had a lot of exotic wines and spirits. I asked him a lot about some of the wines, which were mostly vintage.

By then, it had started raining and somehow we both in our minds agreed that we should rather chill here than club, he poured us some wine and we got talking and drinking again. One topic led to another, next thing we were playing ‘Truth or Dare’. We told truths and dared one another, until I dared him to give me a head! He dragged me closer, pulled my pants off and went down. Omg!, he was so good or was it the alcohol, I don’t know but I saw myself in cloud 9, my spines shivered, and I was screaming uncontrollably, and I did return the favor. I didn’t know how good I was, but his constant deep moans and rhythmic body movements was an encouragement. We sixty-nined, did other crazy stuffs with the wines on our body and our tongues at work, and ultimately had intercourse! It was lit I must say. Maybe the best I have ever had, we fell asleep on each other’s arms and slept off. Sometime in between the sleep, I saw myself being carried onto a bed, and slowly, we had another gentle round and dozed off.My problem started when I woke up on my pee! What a life! The entire night flashed through my mind in a second. What do I do now?? I wanted to sneak out and run, but how do I run, can’t even remember where exactly I was and even if I did run, he has lots of my photos in his phone courtesy of our endless selfies, he might use it against me and cook up false stories against me, I don’t know him so good, so he could be capable of anything.  I thought of cleaning up the urine but he may wake up to catch me in the act, Shame on me!!! So I did what I knew best to do , I started crying,  he woke up. I told him that I have a Psyche problem that makes me pee whenever I sleep out and that’s why I never had a boyfriend nor slept out, I went on and on, shedding tears hotter than the urine and sex put together, while I cooked up the most pitiable stories.

He felt so sorry, and kept consoling me, assuring me it’s nothing. He got me new tees and short I changed into after I showered, and we slept off again in the next room, but I was half asleep and awake until very early in the morning. I woke him to take me home.

On our way home, I asked to check something via his IG claiming ‘no network from Glo’ on my phone, he gave me his phone and I deleted all my photos from his phone, deleted my number as well and asked him to drop me three bus stops to mine (he thought that was my bus stop) and he offered to drive me to my compound. I declined and  told him my landlady is a bad belle, that hates on us whenever a man comes by, so as not to cause more troubles, he should drop me there, and I ran home. Devil is a liar!

Phew! Kelvin bye, hope not to see you again….this is so awkward! Oh dear, my village people, why na!!

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