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Story Of Laura Ikeji

Laura Ikeji Kanu, is one dynamic lady, that went from being a cyber bully (back then, if she remembers your name, even as a celebrity, your case is on fire, if you ever have an opinion about her or her sister, you’re roasted. Social media ie Twitter and Instagram gave her a platform to bash people and at some point, acted like her elder sister, Linda Ikeji’s mouth piece and warrior, fighting all her of her fights both the necessary and unnecessary ones. she was out for all) , then she moved to being a social media celebrity wanna be; (to some people called ‘Haters’, this was the befitting title as a result of all her ‘drama’ online), then to being ‘a jobless young sister of a rich woman” ie Linda,  to being a fashion influencer (her fashion game was lit and she even has a fashion blog to support her ministry and she won awards too for that ), to brands ambassador (She repped and campaigned for a lot fashion brands on her Instagram page which had a teeming number of followers)and to being her own BOSS, owning one of the biggest fashion stores in Lagos, Nigeria @lauraikejigang and being a wife to @ogbobekee1 , Kanu Nwankwo’s brother and most recently a mom to a cute young boy #rok .


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