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Diary Of A First Time False Lashes Fixer ….(My True Confessions)


Ladies that fix lashes, how do y’all cope??? Seriously I’m out of fingers to raise for you guys, ’cause you are the real MVPs!

For the records, I have never been a fan of fixing lashes, I mean, I have friends that had them on, but I never bothered asking how far with it, simply because I wasn’t interested coupled with the fact that it looks painful seeing girls stretch out their entire eyeballs looking up high heavens or down the hell, blinking to almost tearing up to get the thing glued! I decided it wasn’t for me

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This is work mehn!

But then with the advancements that came with makeup and beauty care stuffs, and also seeing babes slay majorly, while blinking those beautiful scanty long lashes like female Pussy cats from Tom and Jerry. And the fact that we all have out grown all those alleged stories of Brides and girls getting blind from fixing lashes and finally being abandoned by their prospective husbands. I decided, ‘what da heck’, lemme try and see! At least join the slaying gang!

First time I fixed lashes, it was the one they call ‘already made lashes’ the ones that comes pre installed already, so you just glue it  on top your natural lashes. It was done by a good make up artist, Oluchi of House of Beaute, she fixed it on top of my lashes, so it wasn’t much of a deal. I even asked for the long ones, for my mind, I’m finally here to slay.

Image result for false lashesImage result for single false lashes

                       **The first one not the second one that comes singly
Did I mention, it was for a wedding?? Yes, My friend Kate was wedding that day and I had to travel down to Nsukka that same morning. So after my face was beautifully beat beyond recognition I set out for Nsk. That was my woes started, I entered a bus, sat at my favorite window side, and when we moved, breeze couldn’t let me be great. It blew hard against my lashes, I felt like I was going to fly out of the moving vehicle using my lashes as wings, omg! I was terrified, I kept wondering what sort of breeze it was, ’cause to me, it was quite severe, but looking around, other passengers seemed comfortable, even my neighbors were on full PDA, holding hands and whispering nonsense into their ears. Ordinary Nsukka, you guys are forming Romeo and Juliet, if it’s LA nko, we go comot from plane na, I hissed, hoping that my long lashes would sweep them apart from each other! lol.

When I couldn’t handle my personal hurricane, I had to shut the window and faced another challenge of not opening my eyes, ’cause each time I blinked or opened my eyes, my long lashes touched my eye socket almost getting to scratch my brows. Wow, today na today I thought to myself, I must overcome all of these. I jejely slept off, woke up when we got to Nsk and continued part two, as I had to jump bike to the cathedral…my lashes flapped like the wings of a bird flying for dear life, at some point I thought the lashes would just fly away, so I shielded my face with my palm while I held my little bag with the other hand. I can’t afford to loose the lashes and maybe carry last among other asoebis..Mba nu! God heard me or rather the glue was strong enough it didn’t fly off and I made it to the mass, and the wedding proper, slayed effortlessly, blinked as much as I wanted and when I got home I dragged it out and became free again!

Second time is the real inspiration to this post. One would think that after my first experience I would stay away from lashes, for where, I didn’t. Well, I did for few months until I gathered enough morale and decided to fix again, this time, a more lasting one that I could carry for a week or so. I bought the lashes for N2,500 and went to fix it in a salon. That was when I discovered that even the single ones they sell for 700 and the already made ones were fixed beneath the lashes.  Hmm, I panicked at the idea of opening my eyes wide for it to be placed, but they assured me that it’s well, nothing would happen, all I needed was to stay calm and look down while he held the upper part of my eye lid. I agreed and we started. In few minutes, we were done, and I swear, it looked good and natural . I loved it. Paid them and went home. The next day I started blinking uncontrollably, like I blinked more than my heart beat, at 98blinks per second, my eyes felt itchy, I knew something foreign was there, but each I tried to act cool, it won’t let me, I only smiled at compliments of the lashes but deep down I was uncomfortable. Lashes felt heavier and before I knew it my eyeballs were turning red and teary. Apollo from nowhere descended on me. Sun rays became too hot for me. Jesus Christ, what is going on, I asked myself. I began scrolling though IG, staring at chics with extra long lashes, asking how they coped with all those. Worst part was the BATHING part, I couldn’t wash my face properly without hearing the voice of the stylist warning me against too much water on the eye area to avoid weakening the glue. This was how I resorted to cleaning my face. Ije Uwa! I clean my face before bathing and I still felt my face yearning for more water like I used to let it have while bathing, but I couldn’t, before one of the lashes would hang like a broken a candle stick dangling before my eye. It was stressful I must say.
On the third day I couldn’t endure it, I came home and kept washing face until the glue gave up the fight and I pulled the damn lashes away!

What a relieve…Jesus is Lord, I screamed with a huge sigh of relief.A’int trying this no more, my eyes were really red, especially toward inner corner of the eye. I kept wondering is this how others carry their own and waka about like nothing dey?? Or maybe this is why some that fix this always look like they have eye problem due to redness of eyes.
Ladies that fix it, how do y’all cope, especially those their own comes with a solid foundation of bonding glue that has been used to cement the lashes on their eyes, how do carry it about???

Image result for botched fake lashes
These one with solid foundation of bonding glue…how far???

Una dey try, me I no do again!


Have you had a similar experience?? You can send in your other First Time expereince stories across!

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