Hello, I need a second opinion on this. Sometime ago I came across your post on your Facebook wall about how girls form slay queens beside every Yankee returnee, I laughed hard at the post because I know that feeling first hand. I have seen girls parade themselves and form slay queens all over my brother whenever he gets into the country.

My brother , though not biological (we’ve lived with him since he was 4, after he lost his parents) lives abroad and he’s a very fine young man and quite successful. Whenever he comes around, we see all sort of girls with him, although he keeps saying there’s nothing serious about them, until the last time he came home. This time, there were no bevy of ladies forming slay queens all over him, he kept to himself and his projects more. We were happy he was becoming or has become responsible and
even happier when he said he has found the one to marry, his missing rib. Hmmmm, I couldn’t wait to see the lady, perhaps one of the former slay queens or a new slayer. We crossed our fingers, until the day he said he was going to bring the girl home and typically, the girl was to spend the weekend with us, since there was public holiday the  following week.

I wasn’t impressed with his choice, facially and career wise the lady was OK, but the problem is that I know the girl from way back secondary school. She even recognized me and screamed my surname, like how she did way back when we were in school. Gosh! I was visibly upset and angry. I couldn’t hide my feelings, so I excused myself from the house. Went away for as long as she stayed. When I got back after she had gone, everyone had nice things to say about her but I kept nodding my head in disbelief.
What is the issue, you may ask, that girl was my senior in secondary school, my bunk mate for that matter that made life miserable for me in secondary school. For three long years in Junior secondary, I was her bunk mate and she showed me a glimpse of hell fire and here she was smiling and trying to get married to my brother. I couldn’t just sit back and let it happen. She was extremely wicked and I don’t think her own type of wickedness wears off like that. I think it’s innate, because she wasn’t just bullying me as seniors did, she was  maltreated me. I developed ear problem then after she slapped me in my JSS1 for not covering her food after I collected it from the Refectory. This girl made me sleep on my urine for days, simply because I wet my bed and it dripped down on her, jeeez I was a kid then, she said I wasn’t going dry my mattress, humiliated me in front of other students, made me sleep on it for days until our house mistress noticed the foul smell and had me dry it outside. She even consumed my provisions without asking, like they were for us and other innumerable  inhumane things she did.
These kind of behaviors just don’t wipe off once you leave school, it could be incubating for the time being and ready to get full blown again, maybe when you’re married.

So for these reason, I objected to my brother marrying her. My folks were disappointed when I told them but some said maybe she has over grown it, while others stood with me,and said it would still be in here. Thus, our family is divided over this matter. But somehow I feel maybe we should give her a chance for the sake of my brother who is visibly hurt over the issue, but what if she turns out into the Jezebel she has been?? We would all suffer it. So I’m confused.

Am I overreacting?? Does these kinds of wicked traits stick to a person for a life, is it innate??
Is this an enough reason to call it quits. I don’t want to ruin something good for someone and I don’t want to sit back and watch my bro enter fire with eyes wide open,but she should have thought that a little me could matter in her life someday and treated me good.

Your objective opinions please.

~Miss X

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Please share your thoughts on this. 

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