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Most of Enugu Young Entrepreneurs Are Just Conditional Entrepreneurs

This revelation was made last Saturday 16th sept 2017, during a closed door meeting with the former Governor  of Cross Rivers state, Donald Duke , Prof Barth Okolo former VC, UNN and other political heavyweights in Enugu state, towards youth involvement in politics and the importance of voting during elections, as their voices and votes count!
This meeting saw a little over 40 youths in Enugu in attendance, in which over 80% introduced themselves as entrepreneurs.
This singular fact was appealing,implying that these youths aren’t just lazy or waiting on the government but taking charge of their destiny and talent towards creating their own ‘American or in this case Nigerian dream’ and wants to become the next Zuckerberg, Jason Njoku , Mike Krieger and etc
But unfortunately, during the course of the meeting while the former governor spoke, it was realized that most of these entrepreneurs are conditional Entrepreneurs who in response to Donald Duke’s question of ‘If everything were alright with the government, he’s sure most of them won’t be entrepreneurs as they claim they’re now’ ,responded in affirmative.
Some even went as far as stressing that they turned Entrepreneurs in schools and continued so afterwards when white collar didn’t come calling nor answered when called.
Thus if jobs were in abundant in Nigeria or Enugu, the number of Entrepreneurs or individuals parading themselves as Entrepreneurs won’t be as significant as it is now !
Wow! What happened to those who had said they wanted to make a difference in their own niche, they wanted to bring some sort of solution to this part of the world through their enterprise??
Personally I was disappointed, because I have listened to some of these Entrepreneurs say they left paying jobs to make a difference, some didn’t even scout for jobs but chased their dreams , while some have said they won’t even look at a five or six figure paying job for their dreams as they wish to start as young as possible to create something like their mates globally are doing!
So where went these dreams and reasons when Donald Duke implied they would quit their current status for salaries????
Next time you sit near or want to partner with an Enugu Entrepreneur, be wary because  his/her CV might just be lying on an office table and he/she might just be answering “Entrepreneur’ for the main time until better job comes up! 

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