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Two Types Of ENUGU Slay Queens

Slay queens or slay mama’s are no longer new terms on social media, thus I’m not going to explain it’s meaning. Although a lot of people have tried explaining it based in their school of thoughts, some said they’re fashionistas , some said they’re brilliant girls whereas other said they’re sexy, or sexy wannabe social attention seekers. Either ways I’m here to tell the specific two types of slay queens you can find in Enugu, the coal city state of ‘oringo’

The two types are :

‪1) The one that buys herself a drink and sits by herself or with a group of like baes in clubs like ‘extreme lounge’ waiting for mr right.

She could be well educated, dresses fine, speaks plenty pho-ne (accent could move from American to British to Jamaica and back to Nigeria ???, but it doesn’t mara)✌️✌️✌️Bae get class or acts so. ???

You can call her Miss Packager, you won’t be so far from the truth.

‪2).The one that dresses up, goes out on her own, without any shikom (highest na keke fare ???) she’s always familiar with bouncers, or knows someone that knows the person celebrating birthday, she can just know anybody to enter club or get free drink.

She goes to clubs like ****, can’t afford her own drink, and looks for people’s shisha to use and do Snapchat ??

She can even follow a guy to another person’s table, pop their drink n still Snapchat ‬pass all of una wey get drink ????????
You can call her Miss any which way na way.. 

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