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Diary Of An Average Nigerian Girl; How Men Harass Us In Markets

Ladies , men you can join as well, lets  talk about the unnecessary harassment and unwanted touching in Big Nigerian Markets .What do you think about it, Have you experienced it and how did/do you handle it.
 Ladies, in an article ‘Average Nigerian  Girl has touched/collected over a hundred Penis DNA Sample’ We talked about how this is possible via this unnecessary and unwanted touching, dragging and harassment we face in market places. (READ HERE)

Going to public markets has become a horrifying experience for most ladies as they encounter crazy male traders who in  a bid to get them patronize them, most times go beyond borders and even get violent most times.

The annoying part of this is that these  guys drag you with their most unclean hands,as  some of them pee in one corner, next thing they’re already dragging you with that same hand, some pick nose, scratch bom bom or armpit  and on your body goes this same hand and when you express your upset or discomfort, they change it for you, like from, zero to hundred, next thing you are being called all sort of derogatory names and its like, worst case, their colleagues join them to wash you, asking you if your body is made of Gold that it can’t be touched
As a matter of fact, they ask if you are  Buhari’s daughter, stating that even Bubu’s daughter allows them to touch her, and you that’s a nobody is forming for them!  They would even go beyond this, even stating their abusive rights over you as men. Most times, you are being advised to ignore them, but for how long will you keep your cool with these perverts hiding under stalls with all manners of vulgarism waiting to be unleashed.

How do you handle them, share your experience, lets hear.

 Read a BV experience here ;Experience 1

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