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Never Underestimate Okrika Wears

Remember I told you about my trip to the market on Monday (read HERE). I actually went there as per request by a very old customer, who has been calling and asking I should come and see his new shop and of course buy from him, also, I went so I could pick up few unserious skirts that turned out to be very serious and SLAYish, don’t ever underestimate Okrika aka OK wears…they’re Kim K’s former Alexander McQueens, Versace and co, lol.

So I left for the market quite late, like less than an hour before market closure. Called him and he came and picked me up at an agreed rendezvous. We got to his shop, I wasn’t totally impressed with the clothes I saw there, but he assured me and kept saying he tore a new bale of ‘fine fine things’, hmm, I was waiting for the fine fine things to show up like the bride and groom in a wedding. Next thing, Bros told me it’s trousers he has in his bale of fine fine things, I told him I don’t need Jean Trousers, that what I needed were skirts but then, maybe a pair of blue denim trousers won’t hurt. I asked him to bring his best, bros started from something that looked horrible, trying to sweet talk me into buying from him, Lmao. Is this dude Ok??

Does he think I’m still the girl of yesteryears , he used to know, Bro, I’m grown, I know what I want and your sweet words can’t move me. I’ve seen better, worn better to know better, so park well, I told him.
In an effort to make me buy from him, which I honestly wanted to do, because back then he was really a nice customer, and I wanted to support him in his own shop, (I guess he’s been settled), as a fellow entrepreneur and a good girl wey I be. But the clothes weren’t working.

I saw through his efforts, him trying to convince me, bringing in more clothes, that didn’t meet my taste and the skirts he brought were No No, so I gave up, I told him to chill, that I can’t buy them, maybe next time, when he has better stuffs. I would have just bought anything just as a support but I no too get to come dash somebody, meanwhile his prices weren’t here.

Mind you, there were two ladies in his shop, who came to get stuffs too, ordinarily, if it were before, maybe out of shame and embarrassment, I would have bought something if not things from him, so as to save my face as he has finished hyping me in front of those girls even before I came, or just as an old time person, buy a thing I won’t wear.

No, I didn’t do any of those, I  politely told him, I won’t, maybe next time. Took his card for easier location of his new shop and held my head so high, not minding what the ladies might be saying about the over hyped ‘alleged big girl, that knows whatsup’ and cat walked away. I’ve grown and I’m so proud of this new me. Being whom I want to be without looking for validation from people, or caring about other people’s opinion about me or what I do.
Truth is, you can’t please us all! So be you and grow up!

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