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#EchoesOfNigerianWives; ‘Even If A Man Marries BIANCA, He Would Still Cheat’


LMAO, look  what I found during my trip after a long while to OK line, Ogbete main market, Enugu.
Which one is funky pants, guys do you know??? ??? According to the seller, Nonso Ara (Nonso Breasts), he deals on, and I quote “London Bras, Funky Pants, Sexy Nightys/Pj, Boxers Shirts &Tops and Girdle. Hehehe..he gat every every!

By the way, I met one aunty that came to buy skirt for her 15 year old ward, which I later discovered was her help.
How did I know??
When aunty came in and stated her choice, in my selflessness, I  picked some sharp skirts which I didn’t take because they were undersized, and gave her. Aunty looked at them and flung them away like they were infected with Ebola. 

Hmm, I thought to myself, “these fine smart skirts that this woman is flinging away like this”. Before I could finish ‘Hmming’ to myself, she bluntly told the seller, who was bringing similar stuffs I gave her, that she doesn’t need all those stuffs.
” I need free, long and dark colored skirts, nothing whitish or white and shapey, maka na umuazi these days anya adisiro ha mma. (meaning; children of these days don tear eyes finish ).

One aproko neighbor that was in the shop and  was so inquisitive, poked his nose and asked, ‘ah ah, madam, how do you mean by a small girl of 15 tearing eyes already? 

Abeg no go there, which kin 15 is that, Bros, prevention is better than cure, plus men are something else, you can’t trust them these days. I no want wahala,  turning to the seller, ‘so you  should give me serious long and bogus skirts’, aunty said
Hmm, the neighbor continued, so in order words you need Mary-amaka na?? Exactly my brother , your head correct. Thus, aproko neighbor joined in the search for mary-amaka

As if the information he has isn’t enough, he continued ‘but sister,  any man that married a beautiful woman like you, has achieved everything he wants in a woman, he wont even dare look outside talk more of your 15y/o help, he can’t, he’s such a lucky man ‘ looking at her with admiration, smiling.
Aunty cut him short, ‘Bros, no go there, even if a man marries Bianca he would still look outside talk less of myself’. Biko,just park well, men are so unpredictable, as she continued scrutinizing the Mary-amakas for essential qualities and murmuring about how you can’t trust kids nor husbands these days, and how you should do your best by preventing any unpleasant wahala.

I was like *sigh* #echoesOfAHouseWife or should it rather be #EchoesOfNigerianWives


By the way, If your Brother, Father, Son, Boo,Hubby or Uncle is Nonso Ara tell him to come and explain the term funky pants….we need to understand

Lol, how was your day ???/

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