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Adebayo Salami Is My Role Model In The Industry– Nollywood Actor/Producer Jigan

had an exclusive interview with Nollywood Actor/Producer Abimbola
Kazeem a.k.a Jigan and here is what he has to say about his life,
carrier, and next project in the industry…
Enjoy Below
1) Could you please give us a brief overview of yourself.
 Answer: 1..My names are Abimbola kazeem popularly known as Jigan i am an actor,a musician and a movie producer

2) How did professional acting begin for you and how was the beginning? 
..It all started when i was doing my music back in 2005 and going to
shows,i met alot of movie producers and i do attend their movie premier
to perform as a musician so that was how we became friends and i used to
visit them on locations and the first movie i appeared on was Mr Kola
and i acted as a musician that i even have to perform one of my songs,it
was directed  by Funsho Adeolu

3) What inspired your drive to become an actor? 
acting for my was inbuilt i just needed a touch and someone who could
pave way for me and thank God i met someone who introduced me to the Adebayo s family,that was how it all started

4) Tell us about your training as an actor.
training i had was a little touch,while i was learning,you will see me
disturbing every movie set with jokes,at first i was seeing it as
fun,but to God be the glory its a big profession for me

 5) What is your view about talent and knowledge? 
view about talent and knowledge is one has to be very
creative,sometimes people feel maybe i have something disturbing my
brain,because i do more of the craziest things,all just because i want
to bring out the best of me,i do rehearsals in-front of my mirror every
morning and i do alot of mix up with people living around,i developed
different characters through them.

6) How many movies have you acted in so far and kindly list some. 
 I have lost counts in the movies that i took part but i can mention some few, Agidi,atanda eruobodo, jelili, itan mi, kurukuru and many more.

7) What motivated you into being a producer? 
motivated me to became a producer was i believe that way i can give out
completely the best of me and i can prove to people what more that i
have as a story writer

8) Do you see yourself in competition with some persons in the industry? 
 Anything that has to do with competition i really don’t do it,i just like to stay focus and do something very unique

9) As a fast growing producer, what are your aspirations?
a produced what i understand about the business is making a good film
and while i was growing up i always look up to the likes of Adebayo
Salami kind of story and the way movie really has to be i want to become
the best

 10) Which directors would you love to work with anytime soon?
 The director i would love to work with at the moment is Tunde kelani it would be a dream come through.

 11) What’s your take on the issues of piracy, funding and film marketing?
have said alot in the mean time and what i think can reduce piracy is
only when the government pass a law that charges the Pirates to death by
hanging i believe that way it will help us .

 12) Who are your role models in this chosen career? 
 .Adebayo Salami is my role model everything about him pleases my heart !

13) Do you see Nollywood growing to the level of Hollywood in ten years time?
Yes nollywood will definitely get their as road has been paved for the likes of the young talented ones,things will grow faster.

14) words for your fans and aspiring filmmakers
advice to the up and coming actors please ask yourself a simple
question, Do you really want to do it ?do you even have passion for the
job ?you need to set a target and be very humble.

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