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Reasons Why Nigerian Women Fake Orgasm

Hey dear, this article is a transcript from my last vlog on Facebook, where I talked about ‘Reasons Why We Women Fake Orgasms’ (If you missed, watch below).

As I promised, hopefully from henceforth there would be transcripts of vlog series here. So you can catch up on any point you missed, but you must have to watch the clip first, because the clips are so badass and can’t be compared with the written article. Feel the flow by watching it.

From experiences gathered around and some researches done on the said issue, I’m going to outline to you guys different reasons why women fake orgasm.
For starters, Orgasm or sexual climax is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure. Experienced by males and females. They are often associated with other involuntary actions, including muscular spasms in multiple areas of the body, a general euphoric sensation and, frequently, body movements and vocalizations (ie the moaning) The period after orgasm (known as the refractory period) is often a relaxing experience, attributed to the release of the neurohormones oxytocin and prolactin as well as endorphins (or “endogenous morphine”) [Wikipedia]

And yes, women fake orgasms, as a matter of fact, research claims that over 80% of women have faked orgasm in their life, while over 58% of South African women, have never had real orgasm, so they fake the whole time.Sorry guys, especially the self acclaimed ‘Mr Shagwells’, bae may have been faking the whole ‘uh, ah, uuuh, omg’ you hear and the entire vibrations may just a nice act to get the hella out of the situation, ’cause you ain’t shagging well or doing something wrongly. But don’t give up yet because I will lead you on, on how to recover your almost lost glory and title and as for ladies, you deserve your orgasm, it’s your right, remember that ‘A Woman That Comes(cums), Is A Happy Woman’ You need to be happy, right?? Read on….
1. They are tired; There are occasions a woman maybe tired and her man wants some cookies from down there and she can’t refuse him for reasons and while the dude is pounding and going upandan. This woman would at some point fake it either when he’s few seconds/minutes from climaxing ie if he’s a fast one or, when she just can’t take it anymore…she puts up her Oscar worthy performance just get done with it!
2. The man is NEW; A single lady meeting a fine ass man, who meets up with her requirements in a man, may, while having sex with him not tell him what she really wants him to do or how to do it, maybe she feels it’s a turn off for the guy or would simply scare him away for life. So to keep him, and let everything fall in place, she keeps shut and at the end, she fakes it.
3. They believe that mutual orgasm is the best ending; Most women have been conditioned to believer that mutual orgasm is the bests and happiest ending to every sexual encounter. Just as we see on TV, two people (guy and girl) get naked, no foreplay, have sex and few minutes later they both collapse on bed, breathing heavily as a result of mutual orgasm so most viewers believe it’s best way to end sex, so we all try to meet up and do it so.Also, guys too complicate this issue by asking women, when they’re a few secs away from climax, ‘if they’re close, on their way or where exactly they are’. Sometimes, the questions bore and the woman coupled with the aforementioned conditions, fakes it, so as they can come together and he stops asking of her location
4. The man is wack; Some guys suck in bed and according to some women. Engaging such guys is the worst night mare any woman can go through. So if a woman is caught up in this kind of mess, best thing she does for herself to save herself the pain and misery and torture, is to fake it all up, ASAP. Because the guy is so wack, and she ain’t just feeling it and doesn’t want to bruise his fine ego.
5. They never had it at all; Like earlier stated that over 58% of SA women has never reached orgasm. So due to the sad reason, they fake it when ever the have sex, because they don’t even know the real thing and may never know if they don’t get help.
Ladies, you deserve your orgasm, always open up, talk with your man, tell him what nd what not to do, to help you out. Ok….you need to be that happy, it’s VIP!!
Men, if your woman opens up about this to you. You need to;
1. Follow her cues, listen to her and let her lead you on. Know what turns her on and off.
2. Don’t always go with that phrase ‘Are you coming, where are you, how close are you’ it may sound frustrating to your woman and would make her fake it before she reaches her climax
3. Determine how she reaches orgasm, most women don’t do so by penetrative sex, they do by simulations. Find which works for her.
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I’m tired AF. I hope to read from you soonest!

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