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Disadvantages Of Getting Married To White Men

Gospel below is according to a Linda Ikeji blog visitor, who dropped the WTF comment on Toke Makinwa’s sister’s marriage photo.
Toke’s sister, Busayo got married to her man of six years in Norway, last Saturday 12th Aug 2017, and someone had this to say, not just about Toke’s sister, but to all black women in general

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Beautiful dresses, no doubt. Let me give you all the real gist, the reality of marrying a white man. As a black woman, marrying a white man is the worst mistake you will make in your life. Is not a mistake if you want to use them for your green card and financial assistance and so on. But getting married to them like he is my husband is like married but single. Go and ask Ufuoma Ejinobor Nigerian actress what she is passing through in the hands of her white man and many others who married them. White man above 30 years cannot satisfy you any longer or else he is on male enhancement drugs which 99% of them use now. Have you seen their dick before? Holy Jesus not circumscized. Pray you don’t see it. During sex you cannot stay on top and ride him like our black brodas, becos their dick cannot stand strong and firm to penetrate the pussy.. Sex with a white man is the worst thing you could ever imagine. They can kiss real good, very romantic and can give good head but FUCK, hey you are on your own, that is why if you observe well all black women married to them fuck outside and remain in the marriage cos of money involved. There was a Nigerian that died in Holand, and the husband claimed it was accident. Do you know that she was caught cheating and he killed her and claimed accident. Do you know what happened to that case? It was thrown out of the court window because nobody came up for the deceased. Know this: Any black sister you see that is married with a white man fucks outside and a complete gold digger.. No matter how much you think you know them, there are some part of their life which will remain secret so save your breath in defence of your dear friends or even you coming to attack me. Deep in your heart you know the truth.

Do you agree?? What’s your thoughts about it. 

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