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Nigerian Christians Be Deceiving Themselves

This gist below which real by the way, is a sequel to one of my previous vlogs ‘Typical features of Nigerian Christians’  (If you missed, watch HERE, it’s a must see)

 Over the weekend I traveled to Anambra state and earlier today I went to Onitsha main market to get materials I needed, so when I finished and was about heading home, I decided to board a bus going my way because it was raining.

While waiting for other passengers, a woman came by the bus dragging the driver, asking him about her parcel she forgot in his bus last Wednesday, stating that she was certain of her claims because of the conductor whose face she was so sure of.

Argument ensued between them and the driver claimed it wasn’t his bus, that he hadn’t worked for a week now so she should hold the conductor whom she’s sure of. After a long bout of argument and debates, the woman wasn’t attempting to agree with the man until the driver who had been playing gospel songs (Steve Crown n co) even before I entered the bus, told the woman in defense that he’s ‘not that kind of man ‘ asking her to listen to the kind of music he’s playing that he’s a good Christian and can’t lie with such stuffs, in fact what would he be doing with her stuff. 

Immediately he pointed out his Christian faith and his music choice, the woman heaved a sigh of relief and automatically became convinced. Just like that! She stopped arguing and said maybe another passenger took it or the suspicious conductor.
Children of God, do you know that before we got to the next bus stop (around Mr Biggs, if you are familiar with the area),our ‘good brother’ had switched and was singing and nodding to ‘Banana fall on you’ followed by Samankwe and other ‘worldly songs’
‘Naija Christians I hail ooh ???????????????
Have you seen my video on typical features of Naija Christains….you need to see it,if you haven’t click HERE

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