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Diary Of A Nigerian Skinny Girl; The Upside Part Of Our Life!

Hey Dear,
My name is Vee! I’m an averagely tall girl that weighs 50kg, as a matter of fact, I have weighed 50Kg for over 6years. I’m size 6 too. Now you should have a mental picture of myself and physique.

If you think life is so glamorous and easy for we them slim/skinny girls because people like Beyonce and other celebrities get photo shopped to look slim and we them slim girls are the ones you see on the cover of Magazines, until recently when plus size people make it to the cover of mags, hell no. It ain’t that rosy and glamorous all the way.

Now let me take you through the upside part of our life!

We get booed at; unlike what most of you think, we don’t get admired all the time. We get mocked at, they say we may get carried away by breeze!
Guys don’t help issues too, they say they need some flesh to support that shagging system..but we got bones,,poor  us!

Once upon a time, my other skinny friend was mistaken for a cloth dummy in the market, it was until she moved, that they shockingly realized she’s human and was bold enough to say they thought she was a dummy so loud that we heard them, pheew!

A designer denied me a job once upon a time while I was actively modeling..because according to her ‘I was so small’…she said I couldn’t bring out the beauty of her design the way she wants…so I lost the dress.

People think my parents are so broke and can’t feed me properly..they even ask if I hate food or anorexic..omg! these are the blunt ones. The shy ones offer me food, plenty of it,like I have been starving all year round. Smh

Bottom line is, Life isn’t that glamorous for us them slim girls, as most people think, except for the occasional compliments that sometimes ends with ‘soon when you marry and give birth, your shape would change’, some even say having unprotected sex with penis load of sperm would some changes. WOW!!
What is your slim girl drama story?? drop your comments below

Thanks for reading

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