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Five HOT SPOTS To Find Rich Husbands In Enugu

Lol, as funny as the may sound, this has some elements of truths in it and funny enough I had compiled such list in the past but I kept posting on when to fine tune it and publish it until I came across this on BluePrintAfric and it’s good. And we share almost same spots list and ideas, few different locations.
Read below as written by Chisom Winifred for Blueprintafric ;

If you don’t work hard or play smart you will spend the rest of your life in religious gatherings shouting ‘I receive’!!

This piece of advice is for all the single ladies. You know feminists claim they can do without a man and their life has more meaning than marriage and all that quagmire. It’s true to an extent, especially if you’re not African most especially Nigerian. Imagine telling your naija parents that after training you from day care to university that you don’t want to get married. That scenario is better imagined than played out. Since ladies have been saddled with the duty of settling down at all cost, if you’re going fishing, you might as well catch the big fish abi? Below is a list of strategic spots you can find a rich husband in Enugu.


Lilburn health and fitness centre is famous for having the best well equipped gym in the south east. At its official opening earlier this year, the likes of Dr Chris Ngige and Dr Nkem Okeke the deputy governor of Anambra state amongst other dignitaries graced the occasion. I hope you’re getting the gist? The clientele list of people that gym there is made up of the ELITE. So in case you’re interested just sign up for their gym services and be that sexy chick working out, be rest assured, your other half must offer to drive you home one day.


The roots restaurant is a classy fusion of Chinese and Nigeria cuisine in a luxurious, contemporary and surreal environment, with the option of private dining. It has catered for and fed the likes of phyno , yungsix and slowdog since its inception. You definitely cannot see a broke ass nigga dinning at the roots. If you’re looking for classy and loads of naira notes, roots restaurants is the place.


It’s nothing new that house on the rock church has only one branch in each state in Naija and the branches are usually located in the ‘rich’ part of town. I mean why is not in abakpa or obiagu in Enugu or ajegunle in Lagos?? No shades just asking. That being said, the rich attend this church, with their little or no problems. You too can be a sister in the lord, and find your brotherly husband.


Situated in zoo estate, and inhabited by only the elites of the city, going to hang out at the gates hotel might not be such a terrible idea. That is of course if you already have small money in your bag. No worry, bagging someone rich here is a sure banker. Good luck


The easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. What better place to meet a husband than in an eatery? You guys could bond over your favourite meals and you can even say you cook better than dolphin and then he’ll dare you to prove yourself, you don go his house be that. If you play your cards well, voila! Rich husband.

End of story

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