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Meet 12 People Who Have Extra Body Parts

1. The boy with four extra limbs;

Deepak was born with extra limbs (including two very long legs) coming out of his chest. Some people in his village thought he was a devil, while others believed he was a reincarnation of the Hindu god Vishu. But Deepak got to show everyone that he was just an ordinary little boy when a hospital in Bangalore offered to do the $78,000 surgery to remove the limbs for free. Now, he is free to live the rest of his life the way he always wanted to, and there are no extra limbs to get in his way.

2. The babies who share a body

When a Brazilian woman went into labor expecting twins, she had no idea that her baby boys would end up sharing the same body. But Maria de Nazare wasn’t even a little upset when doctors informed her of her babies’ condition. The children, named Emanoel and Jesus, have individual brains and spines, but share a heart, a liver, a pelvis, and lungs. Despite their condition, both boys were happy, healthy, and able to eat on their own. Doctors decided not to remove either head since both of them were functioning normally and didn’t pose an immediate threat to the other one.

3. The girl with a fetus on her back

When Yin Xin of China was born, doctors noticed something unusual: The girl had an underdeveloped fetus growing on her back. It started out as just an arm, but as the girl has grown, so has the fetus. It started to take on a more human shape, with evidence of a breast and fingers starting to appear as Xin reached eleven years of age. Her parents finally saved up the money to remove the fetus, and the girl is supposedly living life without the extra “twin” today.

4. The woman with a nipple on her foot5/15

The presence of a tiny extra nipple isn’t entirely unheard of — celebrities Lily Allen and Mark Wahlberg are pretty proud of theirs, and many people don’t even realize they have one because they look so much like moles. But one woman has outdone them all by growing a very large nipple — about two inches wide — on the sole of her foot. She says it doesn’t cause her any pain or annoyance, but I can imagine it would be a pretty big surprise for her pedicurist.

5. The girl with eight limbs

When Lakshmi was born, many people in her village believed she was a goddess. But the poor little girl couldn’t walk, sit, or stand, and it looked like she would have to spend her life completely immobile. Recently, though, a team of doctors helped remove all of Lakshmi’s extra limbs, which were actually the result of a parasitic twin that stopped developing in the womb. The girl still has a long road ahead of her; she has scoliosis and will need surgery to repair all the internal damage that was caused by the removal of the twin. But she’s leading a much more normal life than she and her parents could have ever dared to hope for.

6. The boy with 31 fingers and toes

A boy in China with sixteen toes and fifteen fingers underwent surgery in 2010 to have all the extra digits removed and is now living a normal life. Four of the fingers on one of his hand and three fingers on the other had actually been fused together, but now the extra ones have been separated and removed. He was once bullied incessantly at school for his condition, but now it seems he will be able to live the life of a normal schoolboy.

7 The baby with an extra head9/15

When Manar was born, doctors and her mother were shocked to see that she had a twin…but the other baby wasn’t what you’d expect to see. The twin, whom the mother named Islaam, was only a head. She had her own brain and could blink and make facial expressions separate from Manar’s, but sadly, she couldn’t survive on her own. Doctors made the decision to separate Islaam from Manar, at the cost of the underdeveloped baby’s life, so that Manar could go on to live happily and healthily. Tragically, Manar also passed away from a brain infection just before she turned two years old, but she and Islaam will go down in history as truly amazing babies.

8 The woman with two vaginas

YouTube personality and model Cassandra Bankson received a surprise when she went to the doctor for a case of kidney pain. Her doctor told her that she actually had two vaginas, two cervices, and two wombs. He said that condition basically resembled “an upturned nose,” and that while she might have some trouble getting pregnant, there’s no reason it should negatively affect her sex life. Even though Cassandra wasn’t aware of her unusual body trait, she said it did explain why she frequently got two heavy periods a month.

9. The woman with horns

It’s not too uncommon for senior citizens to develop spots of compacted keratin if they’ve had a lot of sun exposure throughout their lives, but it is uncommon for them to grow horns as a result of it. Zhang Ruifang was 100 years old when she sprouted a horn on one side of her head. It started out as a small spot made of the same material as hair or fingernails, but it eventually grew to be over two inches long. Soon enough, she also developed another spot of the same stuff on the other side of her head, and she stated that she was “looking forward” to the other one growing so they could match.

10 The women who share three legs

Ganga and Jamuna Mondal are conjoined twins who between them have four arms and three legs. They share a stomach, but have separate kidneys, livers, and hearts. They earned a living by performing in a circus. Now 45 years old, they recently found love with a teacher named Ahmad. Their boyfriend works part-time at the circus as a sound engineer. They’re all aware that they make for an odd trio, but their love has truly conquered all.
11 The man born with two faces

14 year old baby, Kangkang was dubbed , “the mask man” because of his facial deformity. Kangkang was born into a chinese family with a second face appearing on his face meaning the baby is born with a traversal facial cleft. This literally made the baby seemed as he was wearing a mask.Unable to see her son upon birth, the unfortunate mother, who is employed at a company that manufactures electronics in the Guangdong Province, pleaded and pleaded with her husband to see the newborn. After finally be handed the child, she broke down into tears.

12 The man born with two pen1sies

a 20-something only known either by screen name DiphallicDude, or DoubleD1ckDude—has two large, operable members—both pen1ses weighing in at a whopping eight-inches each— flaccid.

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