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Guys Will You Be This Honest: Tell Your Prospective In-law & Wife You are A Drug Trafficker?

So I was at the mall earlier today, and while i waited for my client to come around i over heard this surprising if not shocking revelation from two guys seated few seats away from mine- i so heard that because i was there early, so there were just few of us and workers there.

One of the guys who said so, smelled and looked like a million buck- he was a true definition of a ‘frosh guy’!, as i  turned to get a proper look of who said so- just to be sure i heard from a human not something else. This cute guy amidst a discussion with his friend said that he is ready to walk down the aisle with his girl and he had to be open with them and he told them what he really does for a living, which is what you already read from the title- and that got my attention and at same time distracted me as i was lost in my our cloud of thoughts, thinking of the reason behind his action and the consequences that may follow- although some people don’t give a hoot as long as the money keeps flowing in. I couldn’t listen to the rest of the story as my client called my cell and made me leave there to our supposed meeting place.

Most at times we pray and ask for an open honest relationship, but is this not too much of an honesty, Guys, am asking?? Telling your wife-to-be and in laws such truth that could jeopardize your marriage intentions- this guy’s morale is certainly from above.  For me it’s so confusing, and few guys i asked said they can’t be this honest and if need be, it will be just the girl that will be informed not her parents, while some said that, both the girl and her parents won’t be in the know of what he does- so they would just sit back and chop the money, and if the parents, like the very learned strict ones insists on knowing what he does- he simply covers up his tracks with an office or a lil legit business while he does his thing ( my favorite response), but for letting the cat out of the bag, hell no!

What do you think, as a guy, can you spill so much for your woman and in-laws and as a lady or in law, what will you do if you get to hear such from your man/ son in-law…(I’m already guessing the answer from the ladies *lipssealed*)

PS: It’s weekend, so please blog readers do justice to the topic, read and share you opinion as comment and keep the conversation going, it inspires a lot! . I get so much readers/viewers and few or no comments, it breaks my heart *straightface* so please post your comments, anonymous commenters are allowed too, Festus you can freely post your comments!

Great Night!

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