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Beyonce’s Father’s 2nd Babymama Says She Doesn’t Want A Dime From Queen Bey…Please Stop Calling Her An Opportunist

TaQoya Branscomb, who is Matthew Knowles newest baby mama, is being accused of being an opportunist and she’s out to set the record straight.

According to DNA testing, there is a 99.99 percent certainty that TaQoya is the mother of Beyonce’s half-sister Koi Knowles, who is four years old.

TaQoya who was awarded $1,500 a month in child support from Beyonce’s dad, tells us, “Mathew and I had a romantic relationship in 2009 during a difficult time in his life. It had nothing to do with Beyoncé’s music career. Despite the media speculations, I am not an ‘opportunist,’ if that was the case I would’ve spoken out four years ago.”

She also denies shes the one who leaked the story “I was just as shocked as anyone when the information was leaked,” she says. “I had remained quiet and raised my daughter as a single mother in a happy and healthy environment. Koi has been modeling and acting long before we’ve been in the media, like any other parent I work hard to nourish and support my daughters many talents, whatever they may be. I had exhausted all of my efforts to keep this out of the public eye and was forced to rely on the Houston court system to get guideline support. In regards to family visitation, I am always open to her to having relationship with her father and all her extended family members. Whether or not that happens, Koi will be just fine.”

TaQoya is a real estate agent and is expanding her brand with a vintage lingerie line to be released in 2015. She is in the process of launching her daughter’s child lip gloss and haircare line.

What do you think??..Is an Opportunist or just another woman seduced by Bey’s dad?
 By the way..i saw this comment about this same issue and i kinda loved it, you too might, see it below;

“No. You are an opportunist. Allegedly Matthew has never met this child before but when the paternity results were revealed, she wasted no time and changed her last name to Knowles. Why? Because she want’s Koi to reap the benefits of nepotism. Whether she’s talented or not people will entertain this little girl because her last name is Knowles and the retired stripper has enough sense to know this. Come on now TaQuoya. I was born AT night, not last night. She forgot one thing though. Talent isn’t hereditary. Ask Tawonda Braxton and Latoya Jackson. You’re not checking for Beyonce to help you out but you had your daughter on national television singing “Single Ladies” while doing the dance? Where is Solange when you need her?”
 the last line is really funny; Where is solange when you need her, probably needed to beat up someone, lol!
Goodnight dears!

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